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Sideshow Collectibles has announced that they will be releasing a new Premium Format figure of Hal Jordan. So far we only have the one preview image, but we’ll update this as more information becomes available.

**Update – Sideshow has released more information on the Premium Format figure, including the shipping window of sometime between July-September of 2024 and a pre-order price of $700. They’ve also updated the product page to include the pre-order link.

Here’s the product description from Sideshow:

“The Green Lantern Premium Format™ Figure measures 34” tall, 11.61” wide, and 11.38” deep and depicts Hal Jordan soaring into the sky in order to save Sector 2814. The hero launches from a base of dark jewel-toned meteor fragments, his feet encased within a swirling, seaglass-green energy construct in the shape of the Green Lantern Corps insignia. The ring he wears on his outstretched hand bears that same crest of cosmic hope. With his Green Lantern ring, Hal forges ahead wielding determination, resolve, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

The action-packed, fully sculpted Green Lantern Premium Format™ Figure presents the fearless Hal Jordan at his most impressive. He wears a hand-painted, deep black and metallic green suit over his muscular physique along with a matching mask and boots, plus white gloves reminiscent of a pilot’s uniform. The figure also includes USB-powered light-up features on the base and in Green Lantern’s ring to give collectors the most immersive display experience.”

Here are some of the new images Sideshow has released; more images can be found on the aforementioned product page.

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