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About a week ago I reported news about the new DCeased – A Zombicide Game Kickstarter campaign, and today game publisher CMON announced one of the add-on’s to the game which will allow the Green Lantern Corps to enter the fight. The $35 add-on will allow players to fight the zombie hordes as Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog, Arisia and Soranik Natu as well as adding zombie versions of Sinestro and Tomar-Re to the villains pool. The base game already includes a zombie version of Hal Jordan and both a hero and zombie version of Green Canary.

The Green Lantern Corpse expansion includes a couple of Kickstarter exclusives, a zombie version of Kilowog and a playable version of Sinestro. You’ll need to commit to the campaign before it concludes on November 30, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST if you want to grab get the exclusives. You can join the campaign on its Kickstarter page if you’re interested. The campaign has also passed a milestone which adds a playable version of Guy Gardner to the game as a Kickstarter exclusive.

Here’s the trailer for the add-on, showing off the miniatures included as well as other game content. Scrolling down is an image of the expansion’s contents, which you can see in greater detail here.


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