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DC’s “House of Brainiac” event expands in June, with the current Green Lantern title serving as a tie-in to the event, which will lead into the summer event, “Absolute Power”.  Lobo plays a big role in the “House of Brainiac” story, and as we read in Green Lantern #7, Guy Gardner has been sent to bring Lobo in. Issue 12 will release on June 11th, with Guy Gardner’s Lobo mission connecting with the aftermath of the Brainiac event.  Jeremy Adams will be writing the backup story, with art by Kevin Maguire. Xermánico does the  main cover art, with variants by Doc Shaner, Gleb Melnikov and Keron Grant.

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  1. I want to keep an open mind, but I cannot say that I am hype for this new event. DC seems to be making Amanda Waller a Lex Luthor-level threat for the DC superheroes when she is more of an evil bureaucrat with her own paramilitary force. I will keep an open mind and hope to be surprised. Love this site and your commentary. It helps to get this kind of insight before buying comic books with the sky high prices.

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