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Iron Studios has announced a Hal Jordan 1/10 scale statue as a part of their “Unleashed” series. The series takes some liberties with the costume design, and this new Green Lantern statue makes a few departures from the comic book version which inspires it. The statues are 9.3 in (H) x 13.8 in (W) x 12.5 in (D) and weighs approximately 2.2 pounds. It will retail for $250 USD.

The design has not received final approval, so some things may get changed between now and the March 2025 projected release date, and Iron Studios has already indicated that the head sculpt is being updated. Hal is accompanied by Ch’p and the statue has a great looking series of jet constructs in the background. The statue can be pre-ordered directly from the Iron Studios website and secured with a $50 deposit. It is also available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. (note: this in an affiliate link which would result in a modest credit given to The Blog of Oa.)

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