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It’s been awhile since we’ve actual confirmed information about the Green Lantern presence in the new James Gunn led DC Universe. The last news was about a year ago when we learned that Nathan Fillion is going to portray Guy Gardner. Gunn released some news on social media that confirms some rumors about the names of the some of the creatives working on the Max Lanterns show.

Gunn confirmed that Damon Lindelof (“Lost”) and Chris Mundy (“Ozark”) are a part of the writing team, joined by Tom King, who should be familiar with Green Lantern fans.

Nexus Point News has done some detective work, looking at WGA profiles, and has discovered some other names associated with the new show.  They include Justin Britt-Gibson (“Counterpart”, “Into The Badlands”) who is likely a writer as is Breannah Gibson (“The Penguin”). Another name connected with the show is Vanessa Baden Kelly, who was a story editor of Max’s “The Sex Lives Of The College Girls”.

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