To expand our audience and provide readers with more content the Blog of Oa has launched its own podcast, dubbed the Podcast of Oa.  Co-hosted by Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey (The Blog of Oa), the Podcast of Oa will delve into anything and everything to do with the Green Lantern universe as the family of characters appears in various forms of media.

The show is available for download and rss subscription from the podcast’s feed and is also available on iTunes. Additionally, readers can listen to the episodes by using the online streaming players located at the end of the every episode listing found here or by using the player found on the right sidebar of The Blog of Oa.

Our show can be found on a number of other media channels.  Here are the links where you can find the Podcast of Oa outside of streaming it from the Blog of Oa.

Google Play Podcasts
RSS Feed
Tunein Radio

As with everything from the Blog of Oa, we hope you find the content fun, informative and hopefully entertaining.  We always appreciate feedback from readers and listeners, and in absence of a forum please feel free to leave comments after any of the episode listings.  You can also send your comments via email using the contact me form or by using twitter to the sites feed (@blogofoa). You can become a part of the show by leaving your comments, questions or things you want to share about the Green Lantern universe on our voicemail line at 406-PODOFOA (406-763-6362). Skype users can leave a voicemail on the show’s account, blogofoa.  You can also find us and other Green Lanterns fans on our Facebook group and  on Google+.

What are fans saying about the Podcast of Oa?

“The Best Green Lantern Podcast!!  I have listened to their podcast from the beginning and it has been an enjoyable experience.  I highly recommend this podcast and their website “Blog of Oa” for those who love the Green Lantern Universe.”  – Michael Alcova

Thanks for reading…and listening!