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More developments about the upcoming Green Lantern live action film came to light today as Inside Film reported that the production may be moving to Mexico.

I reported here some time ago in our update on the film that there were issues with the financing of the film due to the dramatic increase in the value of the Australian dollar and the lack of a locked in deal to secure the exchange rates. According to Inside Film this would drive the budget for the film up by nearly $20 million if it were filmed at Fox Studios in Australia as previously announced. While Warner Brothers is paying the studio for the use of eight sound stages, it is believed that this may be for a different movie. Another rumor is that a lack of space may be adding to the need to change filming locations in addition to the financial issue.

It was rumored that the production might be moving to Louisiana, but the latest news has the filming moving to Mexico instead. Warner Brothers apparently has not made a final decision and one source says that Fox Studios is trying to keep the production in Australia where it would create hundreds of jobs. The last major film shot at Fox Studios was the 2008 Wolverine: Origins film and the loss of Green Lantern could be a major blow to the studio since the increased value in their currency could make them less attractive to Hollywood studios trying to keeps budgets under control.

An interesting comment in the article at Inside Film was that director Martin Campbell apparently has made a number of script revisions that increased the overall budget of the film. Having read the first draft of the script, which I will be reviewing in detail soon, it’s interesting to think of what Mr. Campbell might have added.

At this point we’ll have to watch and see how all this develops. There’s always the fear that the movie could collapse due to the delays, but I really think that won’t be the case as Warner Brothers is keen on getting some of their main DC properties out there and Green Lantern is probably not only the closest to being ready to film, but one of the hottest characters going right now. I also doubt they want to see a major delay or to drop the project now having just formed DC Entertainment.

The filming has been moved from November of this year to next spring, but there’s been no announcement that this will delay to planned opening of the film in the summer of 2011.

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