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Today the Hollywood Reporter is saying that Peter Sarsgaard is in negotiations to play Hector Hammond in the upcoming Green Lantern live-action film.

Sarsgaard has generally gotten good reviews for his work in previous films and recently finished work on Knight and Day alongside Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. He was nominated for several awards including a Golden Globe for his performance in Shattered Glass in 2003 and is married to actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Sarsgaard joins recently cast Blake Lively, who will be portraying Carol Ferris and Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The film is scheduled to begin filming in March in New Orleans. While perhaps not the big-name actor that many were hoping for, Sarsgaard’s history of portraying macabre characters bodes well is director Martin Campbell is hoping to play on the creepy factor. Still to be cast is Sinestro and Tom Kalmaku as well as anyone portraying any of the Corps, so there should be many more of these types of announcements being released as production ramps up.

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