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My wife Debe called me to the living room last night to take a look at the final episode of “One Tree Hill” on the CW network.  It’s not a show she usually watches but the television was on for background noise while she was reading a book and she’d glimpsed up and noticed a familiar object – a Green Lantern power ring – on one of the character’s hands.  Apparently being married to me for twenty four years has endowed her with my Green Lantern radar!  In doing some research I found out why the ring was there and it’s a pretty neat story.
It seems that one of the characters, Clay, has a son named Logan from another woman who passed away some time ago, and Clay was not ready to be a father, leaving Logan in the custody of his parents.  He’s returned now with the new woman in his life, Quinn, and Clay is in the process of regaining custody of his son.  In this episode, “Anyone Who Had A Heart”, the couple bring Logan to their beach home to stay and the proximity to the ocean poses a challenge to the young boy.  Quinn steps up and helps Logan deal with his fears and the power ring makes a couple of appearances in the episode and plays a major role in the relationship of the characters.

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