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Some new information about the mysterious new Green Lantern shown in the “New 52” Free Comic Book Day giveaway has come to light thanks to both MTV Geek and Bleeding Cool.  MTV Geek recently posted several videos of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee talking about the book in which Johns mentions that readers will see the new character in the Green Lantern books “very soon”.

What makes this all the more interesting is that the new Green Lantern was not originally a part of Jim Lee’s drawings, Hal Jordan was.  British comics website The Bleeding Cool revealed that the original drawings were altered to change the appearance of the Green Lantern fighting Batman.  The images below, taken from the original story, show the original Jim Lee pencils, the alterations put over the original images and the final versions of the printed pages.

Original page

The fix
The Finished Product

Original Artwork

The Fix

The Finished Product

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