Ganthet Pays a Visit

In getting ready for a couple of convention appearances my cousin Bryon helped me, or rather did the lion’s share of the work, in assembling a lifesize Ganthet prop for our table.  We started with the movie style Ganthet Halloween mask and Bryon did a super job painting the latex hands to match, both of which are attached to pvc pipe skeleton.  A repainted pair of old boots were added and I purchased a used red robe from ebay for the base of the costume.  

Bryon made the tabbard out of some white fabric I bought for our local Walmart and I made the logo from a piece of craft foam.  After some teamwork and some trial and error and it all came together.  So if you’re going to be at either the River Road Expo in Nichols (NY) on October 6th or Hero Bot Con in Elmira (NY) on October 27 stop by our booth and get your picture taken with Ganthet and make sure to say hello!

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