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This morning yielded great results for anyone who purchased a season pass for the Green Lantern: The Animated Series via iTunes.  While the “Steam Lantern” episode has not appeared in any of the other legitimate digital distribution platforms yet, it did show up for those with the iTunes season pass.  Searching for the episode in iTunes doesn’t result in the episode showing up, however for those of us who either didn’t make the upfront commitment through iTunes or go through the other legal distribution channels, there is a way to get the episode via iTunes thanks to some enterprising fans who’ve posted the steps over on Tumblr.
Here’s how:
  • Go into the iTumes Store and on the TV Shows tab click on the drop down menu and choose Animation. 
  • You’ll see “Steam Lantern” listed in the Latest TV Episodes section underneath the rotating featured content section. 
  • If you hover your mouse over the episode you’ll see a play arrow there and clicking on it will not only give you a preview clip, but you’ll be able to download the episode for less than $3.  

While the show can be found through less than legal means, it is worth it in the bigger picture to legally support the series so that those who make decisions about how long a show airs gets a truer impression of how many people watch it.

See the image below for a screenshot of the animation page, click on it for a better view.

Source: GLTAS Tumblr Page

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