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One year ago I remember sitting at home glued to the television as the one hour Green Lantern: the Animated Series pilot aired on the Cartoon Network.  While recently it has been a bit of a disappointment in how the show has been handled by the channel, my love of the show burns brighter than the rage in Atrocitus’ heart.  As a fan of Green Lantern since the early 1970’s I couldn’t be happier with the show and the great amount of love that has been poured into it so far.  I continue to be impressed with how the galaxy spanning lore has been intricately woven into a twenty minute Saturday morning cartoon without losing anything.  
So while we are waiting for the show to return for its undeserved hiatus let me say this to the many fine talented people who work on the show.  THANK YOU for making Green Lantern: The Animated Series one of the highest points in the history of the characters.  Thank you for paying homage to the rich history while still crafting stories which entertain an audience of any age or exposure level.  Thank you for showing how great Green Lantern can translate to other mediums when the right people are involved.  And thank you for being so open to the fans who have embraced this wonderful show.
January seems like such a long ways away, so if you’re like me and really missing the show, here’s some ways to pass the time.  We have been more than happy to make the animated series a part of the Blog of Oa and Podcast of Oa and you can find all of our Green Lantern: The Animated Series coverage, reviews and more by clicking here.  
Green Lantern: The Animated Series producer Giancarlo Volpe released today a humorous video compilation consisting of acting references they provided to the animators to aid them in putting the show together – check it out!

Speaking of Giancarlo Volpe – the guy was gracious enough to provide us with some of his time and joined us on our first anniversary podcast.  You can listen to the podcast here and read a transcript here.   Giancarlo regularly talks about the show on Twitter  and he’s also the co-star of the tremendously entertaining Big Pull Podcast.

The Podcast of Oa is happy to present a series of DVD commentary tracks for the animated series.  While we have recorded the first two at the time of this writing, more are on their way.  You can find the corresponding podcast episodes here.

The first thirteen episodes have so many great scenes that it’s hard to narrow it down to just ten.  Compare your favorites to the list of our top ten moments so far.  
The score for the animated series is pretty darn spectacular and if you haven’t gotten it yet consider adding it to your music collection.  You can read our review here and the can be found in both CD and digital formats from most digital music services.  If you haven’t seen the videos that producer Giancarlo Volpe shared of the soundtrack being performed live in Spain, check them out here – they are a real treat.

If you don’t already own the DVD’s they are pretty easy to find and are one way to enjoy the show while we’re waiting for it to return.  We reviewed the DVD’s here and of course you can find the episodes digitally on Tunes, both video game console marketplaces and of course where you can find both the soundtrack, the series and a 2013 calendar.

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