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Talk about the Green Lantern movie from 2011 and Mark Strong’s excellent performance as Sinestro is likely to be a part of the conversation.  While we could go on forever about the weaknesses and strengths of the movie time has moved on and there still has been no official announcement about a potential sequel or reboot with the character’s cinematic future likely linked to the Justice League movie.
Mark Strong recently talked with MTV about the movie and how much he enjoyed playing everyone’s favorite hero turned bad.  He indicated that he has not heard from anyone regarding a follow up and that he would be interested in putting the ring on again, especially if it were the one he wore in the scene inserted into the end credits to face off against Ryan Reynolds.  Speaking about the performance of the film and the scene, Strong had this to say:
Mark Strong as Sinestro

“I think it’s a real shame,” Strong continues. “I loved making ‘Green Lantern’ and I loved playing Sinestro and I was really excited about the direction that he was going to take in the second one.

“A lot of people seemed to be confused by him putting on the ring at the end of the movie.  They felt that it came out of nowhere. All it was, during the credits, there was a sequence which was a nod to where the trilogy was intending to head to. It wasn’t ever meant to be part of the story of the first film.
“I would be surprised if they made a second one because I’ve heard nothing about it in quite a while now,” Strong explains. “What that standalone moment was intended to relate to was where the movies were headed and that, for me, would have been very exciting because the putting on of the ring and the whole suit turning yellow would have been great fun.”

Source: MTV Splashpage

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