Jason Spisak Strikes Again

Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak has been providing a great deal of much needed therapy for Green Lantern: The Animated Series fans of late by taking to YouTube and posting some fun audio tracks of himself as Razer reciting a number of un-Razer like passages.  It started with Green Eggs and Ham, then Everyone Poops! and then the hilarious Velveteen Rabbit.
Since the Storytime with Razer trilogy concluded what’s left than of course starting another series, Sing Along with Razer.  The first track is up and let’s just say that Razer hasn’t quite moved on from the holidays!

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Life long Green Lantern fan and co-host of the Podcast of Oa. I'm a Barbecue snob and aficionado of blues music. Hal Jordan is my co-pilot!



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