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Before my official conversation began with the men behind SMGO.TV yesterday we spoke a little about moving ahead and trying to prove to Warner Brothers that crowd sourcing could indeed help pay for the return of both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series if they would reconsider it.  I shared my thoughts with them and agreed that if they had to begin with one show it would make sense to start with Young Justice due to the fact that the production costs are nearly half of Green Lantern’s, making it a goal which would be more likely to be reached.

Today Dave from SMGO has taken to YouTube to reiterate some points from our interview on the Podcast of Oa and to announce that they are indeed going to move forward with using Young Justice as their first example of how crowd sourcing could fund the shows.  Later this evening fans will be able to go the SMGO site and indicate how much money you’d commit towards funding the shows if two criteria are met:

  • The dollar goal is met within the time frame allowed
  • Production is actually able to take place

It’s very important to remember that, if either of these things don’t happen, you would not pay anything at all.  You also wouldn’t be financially responsible for your level of participation immediately, at this phase it’s only a realistic commitment to pay, not an actual financial contribution.

This is an opportunity for fans of either show to work together to show that there is another way to support our favorite shows beyond demographics and toy sales.

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