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DC Nation fans have one more strike against trying to get both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series back on the air.  The hopeful meeting between Warner Brothers and SMGO.TV was not quite as productive as anyone would have hoped with Warner Brothers basically denying access to either one of their intellectual properties.  The short answer is that Warner Brothers doubted that suitable financing could be obtained from fans even in light of the overwhelming support for the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, which incidentally was approved by……Warner Brothers.

There’s more to the story for sure and I hope to get some of the details in the next Podcast of Oa episode where I’ll be interviewing one of the founders of the site and discuss how SMGO works, what their vision for the shows might have been and more about their conversations with Warner Brothers.

This should be motivation for us to keep up the pressure on the studio, Cartoon Network and other potential media outlets like Netflix and Hulu to try to get more of our favorite shows.