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Writer David Goyer
We know that DC Entertainment has plans to make big announcements at this year’s San Diego Comic Con revolving around their future plans for DC characters on both the big and small screens, but with all the hoopla surrounding this week’s release of the highly anticipated Man Of Steel movie some information has begun to leak.  According to Deadline, writer David S. Goyer has a three picture deal with Warner Brothers which includes not only the new Superman film, but it’s sequel and a Justice League film.  Rumor has it that the studio is so thrilled by Man of Steel that production on the next film will begin in January.  Based on comments by Zack Snyder that he feels that Superman needs to be developed more before a Justice League movie should enter the picture and knowing the clout the director has with the studio it’s safe to say that if this rumor is true it will be a sequel that’s up next.  

Source: Deadline

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