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The 2013 New York Comic Con wraps up today and while there hasn’t been a ton of  new information about Green Lantern at the show, there has been a few things of note in both upcoming products and today’s Lights Out panel featuring Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Charles Soule, Justin Jordan and Bernard Chang.

Writer’s Note: There are some spoilers in the information below, so read on forewarned!

New 52 Alan Scott figure
At the DC Collectibles panel there were a few new Green Lantern figures announced and showed off for fans including the figure of Alan Scott in the New 52 uniform.  Sinestro was shown off as one of the figures included in the “mystery box” line that will be released to tie into the Scribblenauts Unmasked game.    
To support the upcoming release of Justice League: War  DC will be releasing a line of action figures based on the characters designs for the animated feature.  The role of the Crime Syndicate in Trinity War and Forever Evil results in their own set of action figures which includes the new version of Power Ring.
One of the assortment of Scribblenauts Unmasked mystery box figures including Sinestro
Justice League: War Hal Jordan
During the panel it was asked about whether or not we’d eventually get a Black Lantern prop replica and the panel mentioned that it was a definite possibility.  
At the Warner Brothers animation panel there were some questions regarding the possibility of a Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night animated features.  While the panel’s stock answer was “it has been discussed” and leads to some optimism about the possibility, I know my own source has told me with regards to a Sinestro Corps War adaptation that while Warner Brothers did indeed discuss it, it was decided not to make one.  Whether that will change with James Tucker leading the charge on the animation front remains to be seen.  Sadly no one asked about whether there’s any hope for life for Green Lantern: The Animated Series as a direct to video set of movies.
Power Ring Action Figure
Today’s Lights Out panel featured a lot of discussion about the nature of the month long event, with Robert Venditti echoing many of the statement he made during his Podcast Of Oa appearance about having read the entirety of Geoff Johns’ run to prepare for his own creative journey in the Green Lantern universe and that the idea of where the energy comes from was in his mind the next logical question that inspired the event.  
Justin Jordan commented that Green Lantern: New Guardians #24 will feature a revelation about the nature of the emotional entities that will hopefully surprise readers ending with a “holy crap” moment.  The fate of the Sinestro Corps would also be alluded to in the same issue.

Charles Soule announced that things won’t go well for Hal Jordan when he and Guy Gardner reconnect in Red Lanterns #24.  Soule added that this issue would contain the funniest line he’s ever seen in a Green Lantern comic.  Soule said that finding heroic ways to use rage was an interesting challenge in writing the book and that he finds what might be limiting with using rage as a motivation stimulates some creative exploration on all the different ways we feel anger. 

Cover to GL Annual #2

Robert Venditti indicated that the arc’s conclusion in the upcoming Green Lantern Annual #2 would feature a visit to the Source Wall and that the story would  connect Green Lantern mythology back to the greater fabric of the DC Universe.  Venditti’s description of the Source Wall was relating to being the orange peel surrounding the universe – an impenetrable layer that both contains our existence but protects us from whatever might lie beyond.  Venditti hinted that the Source Wall is really the inspiration for how the story plays out, capitalizing on the word “source”.

The new creative teams will be focusing on threats both old and new in the books with Justin Jordan adding that he is focusing on new villains since his book features the Templar Guardians and their exploration of the universe.  Jordan also jokingly responded to a question about the fate of the Blue Lanterns, saying, “They died because I hate elephants. Those bastards can’t go extinct fast enough”, before acknowledging that the Blue Lanterns posed the greatest threat to Relic and that’s why they were the first to fall.

Venditti reiterated that the future of the characters outlined in Green Lantern #20 are not etched in stone and could be dismissed as serving whatever agenda Sinestro may really have and that Larfleeze’s gluttonous ways were key to the background of Lights Out as he easily represents the biggest waster of the emotional light.

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