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Producer Giancarlo Volpe Treats GL:TAS Fans

Giancarlo Volpe, Jim Krieg

The response to the release of Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Blu-ray and the show’s availability on Netflix has been pretty incredible with the show selling out twice on Amazon.  Our retrospective Podcast of Oa episode with producers Giancarlo Volpe and Jim Krieg has proven to be one of the most listened to of the sixty five podcasts we’ve recorded and even led to some websites writing articles about the content of the show.  Now Giancarlo Volpe has gone one step farther and is providing fans with some insight into the development of this much loved television series.

In what amounts to a ten page comic Mr. Volpe revisits the phase of production where focus groups are used to try to gauge the response of the target audience. The comic provides some insight into the process of bringing any show to life and drives home some of the hurdles that he, Jim Krieg and Bruce Timm had to overcome in getting the adventures of the crew of the Interceptor from the drawing board to the viewing audience.  Is a special treat and I highly encourage fans to check out the comic on Giancarlo’s Tumblr page.

A couple of panels from Giancarlo’s insightful comic

For those lucky to be attending this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, California, Giancarlo will be joined by Jim Krieg and  the voice of Hal Jordan, Josh Keaton in a panel discussion for Warner Brothers Archive Collection.  The panel, “Popular TV Superheroes Look Better In Blu”, will be held on Saturday, April 19th, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in room 300DE.

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