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Red Sky at Night, Atrocitus’ Delight

Podcast of Oa co-hosts, Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey, are back for episode 70 with more discussion about the most recent issues of the Green Lantern family of comics.  Myron and Bill both enjoy the character work in Sinestro #4 while the two had different experiences with Green Lantern: New Guardians #33.  The second and third installments of the Atrocities arc in the Red Lanterns series serve as a series high point and both hosts express their appreciation of Charles Soule’s hard work.
Listener feedback continues to provide fuel for conversation and this episode the talk turns to the similarities between recent events in Green Lantern Corps and a classic Legion of Superheroes story.  Conversation turns again to the popular topic of the upcoming slate of DC Comics movies, especially in light of the reveal of Wonder Woman at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Bill and Myron also talk a bit more about the Twin Tiers Comic-Con which both will be appearing at, and recording a live episode of the show with the con’s guest of honor, Ethan Van Sciver..

Show Links:
Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comics (
Twin Tiers Comic-Con (

Show Notes
00:00:00  Intro
00:04:19  Sinestro #4
00:15:06  Green Lantern: New Guardians #33
00:25:24  Twin Tiers Comic-Con
00:33:13  Listener Feedback
01:01:29  Red Lanterns #33 / Red Lanterns Annual #1
01:23:48  Closing

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