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Marvel Dice Masters by WizKids was a runaway hit for gamers in 2014, combining the strategy of Magic: The Gathering with the tactile fun of rolling dice.  It’s no wonder the game is sparking a number of expansions, including the soon to be released Justice League Dice Masters, and the company is wasting no time in expanding their DC Comics offerings this August when WizKids releases and new DC Comics Dice Master: War of Light.  The new set will focus heavily on the Green Lantern mythology as well as introducing the Teen Titans to the gaming platform.

Justice League Starter Kit

The new game will include members of a number of the Lantern Corps as well as DC Comics mainstays like Batman and Wonder Woman.  So far WizKids has acknowledged that Hal Jordan,  Sinestro, Mogo, Superboy Prime are included in the game, however little information is available at this time as to the entire card/dice list and which of the over thirty characters will be included in the two person starter kit which retails for approximately $20. Players expand their collection by purchasing foil packs which contain two cards and two dice and retail for $0.99.

Like Justice League Dice Masters there will be additional optional gaming accessories, including:

The DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light Team Box, designed to carry a player’s Dice Masters team to the game. The box contains two internal boxes and three dividers for organization, and will feature Green Lantern artwork. The box measures approximately 5.63″ wide, 3.85″ tall, and 2.17″ deep. Retail price will be $19.99.

The DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light Collector’s Box includes everything one player needs to get started in the game. The box contains: 20 custom dice, 10 Basic Action cards, 4 Indicator cards, 1 Full Art promo card, 4 Foil Packs, a felt dice bag, and 2 dice storage trays that hold over 300 dice. Retail price for this monster will be $24.99.

The DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light Playmat is a new cross-brand offering which displays all the information a player needs for their Dice Masters game, including a life meter, areas for character cards and dice, areas for Basic Action Cards and Dice; and color-coded Dice Masters play areas. The flexible neoprene mat measures approximately 24″ wide and 13″ long, and can be rolled up for storage. The mats will cost $19.99.

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