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Recently DC Comics released images ahead of this weekend’s New York Toy Fair revealing some new products that will be on store shelves this year.  One picture was of a Hal Jordan Deluxe figure in their new “Icon’s” line, but the information DC released also mentioned a Bleez statue and a plush version of Dex-Starr.  
Since then DC has provided new information including images of the other Green Lantern products.  The deluxe figure will be in the second wave of figures and is scheduled for December of 2015.   The “Icons” line is also featuring statues of iconic versions of the DC’s characters, including the previously announced Green Lantern statue.

The plush Dex-Starr character will be based on the DC Super Pets books and will be released in tandem with plush versions of Krypto, Steaky and Hoppy.  DC also released images of Dex-Starr and the Bleez statue that is part of DC’s Cover Girls collection.
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