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Today Green Lantern Corps artist Bernard Chang announced a generous offer he is making to fans that will reward their own generosity with a piece of original artwork from his run on the series.   All it takes is following some simple instructions which includes buying two copies of Green Lantern Corps #40, one for yourself and another to give to someone else.  The giveaway only runs from March 16th, so time is limited.  A special thanks to Bernard for sharing the information with me so that I could get the word out!

Chang announced the giveaway on his Instagram account and included the following instructions:

A big thanks to all the #greenlanterncorps fans and my teammates over the last two years!!! Issues 21-40 have been some of the most challenging and yet rewarding work of my career. As a show of my appreciation, I am going to give away ALL of my original interior art pages from the historic final issue 40 to you!!! I am cutting up all the pages into individual panels (except pgs 17, 19, 24-25, and 28, which will be raffled off).

All you have to do is buy two copies of glc40, keep one and give one away to a friend (or stranger) in your store. Instagram a picture of you holding both copies either outside or inside your local comic book store. You must also include the tags: @thebernardchang,  #greenlanterncorps40 and # (name of your comic book store or Instagram/Twitter handle, like #ultimatecomics or @ultimatecomics ). Then, direct message me on Instagram with a separate picture of the receipt to verify your purchase (you will have to add me and turn your profile to public so I can verify). I will accept entries thru this weekend 3/16 or until panels run out (approx 65-70). On Monday 3/17, I will raffle off the remaining whole pages to all who participated in this contest. Sorry, but this is limited to hard copy sales (no digital) and only in the US. I will cover all shipping costs.

Source: Bernard Chang

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