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Chris Pine

With Green Lantern being the last of the “big 7” for the Justice League movie, rumors have been flying in every direction, from Tyrese Gibson’s very public lobbying for the role of John Stewart to the crazy notion of Michelle Rodriguez as Jessica Cruz to the idea that WB stealth cast a virtual unknown in Batman v Superman.  And, yes, there’s that rumor about Arrow’s John Diggle really being John Stewart, too.  However today we have what amounts to the first credible rumor so far, that, according to the Latino-Review’s elmayimbe (Umberto Gonzalez), Chris Pine is the name he keeps running across as the actor playing Hal Jordan in his pursuit of a casting decision which he says has already been made.

Of course Gonzalez isn’t saying that this is true (yet) because he can’t confirm it, and as reliable as his track record proves he hasn’t been able to confirm it (yet).  I respect his integrity and he’s proven himself time and time again which is why I feel this is the first time I feel we have some information with real validity to it.

I’ve been saying for some time that the Green Lantern movie franchise would be best served by soft-rebooting Hal Jordan in the Justice League films before introducing John Stewart as Hal’s partner in the 2020 Green Lantern solo film.  The turning of Sinestro is one that fans want to see on film and an adaptation of the Sinestro Corps War combined with Sinestro’s fall would be a fantastic way to re-introduce the Green Lantern mythology and organically grow the universe.

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