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Charging Rings with Robert Venditti

Just in time for June’s mini-relaunch and to help kick off the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Green Lantern, Podcast of Oa‘s co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli sit down with Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti to talk about the new direction the series is taking.  Myron brings inquires about a number of plot threads left hanging by Hal Jordan’s renegade turn and Robert addresses many of them, revealing that many of them will be dealt with once the book returns with issue forty-one.

Robert shares with listeners the current location of Larfleeze’s ring, why Hal Jordan has changed his look and why he’s flying around the universe in spaceship whose artificial intelligence is named Darlene.  Bill also makes a point to bring up the Carol Ferris / Hal Jordan breakup and Robert shares some insight as to why the two have, at least temporarily, parted ways.

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