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The rumors have been building up to this weekend’s Warner Brothers panel in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con and going into the panel today there was a great deal of speculation and questions.  Will Chris Pine and/or Tyrese Gibson get announced?  Will Warner Brothers “Unite the Seven” on stage for the first time?  While neither of these particular questions found themselves answered there was a bit of information which confirmed what many fans have been saying for some time.

The previously announced Green Lantern film, slated for 2020, will indeed have a greater scope as reflected by the title change to Green Lantern Corps.  No casting information has been released and in recent days it was rumored that Chris Pine is considering both the Hal Jordan and Steve Trevor role with a definite lean towards Green Lantern.  Concept art shown during the media presentation bore a striking resemblance to Pine which led rumors spreading that he’s accepted the role, however nothing has been confirmed.  As for Tyrese Gibson he was nowhere to be found and nothing shown at the panel hinted that he has any involvement in the film.

What hype Warner Brothers failed to generate from casting announcements was seemingly eclipsed by the trailers released for both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman which gave fans their first official looks at the cinematic versions of Wonder Woman and the Joker.  It looks like Zack Snyder and company are keeping their Justice League cards close to their vest for now.

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