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It was the briefest of cameos, a faceless man wearing a bomber jacket with the name “Jordan” on it, but it was the closest thing we’ve gotten to seeing Green Lantern in the DC TV universe during tonight’s fourth season premiere episode of Arrow.  The producers have said that we won’t get to see Green Lantern and if that is the case then tonight was the worst kind of tease to give a Lantern fan.

It wasn’t the only Green Lantern reference with the second being the billboard that was teased by producer, and Green Lantern screenwriter, Marc Guggenheim back in August.  The billboard appeared in the background of a scene during a flashback sequence where Ollie Queen is going after a drug pusher early in his career.  Hal Jordan’s cameo came in a latter flashback scene in a bar where Ollie and Amanda Waller have  a conversation.  Hal appears in the foreground during a quick pan as the flashback sequence begins.  Now if the producers would just give fans what they want and unite Ollie, Barry Allen and Hal on the small screen…..

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