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It’s been less than a week since DC revealed the creative teams for all the new books which make up their Rebirth initiative and while the Green Lantern books have received a mixed reception from readers there’s a lot of interest in what’s going to happen in them.  Fans have been taking to social media to communicate with the creators and the team behind Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps have been sharing a little bit of information about what’s in store as well as addressing some of the concerns readers have about their favorite ring slingers.

EVS and the author from 2014

Artist Ethan Van Sciver mentioned on Twitter that the subject of Evil Star has come up in conversation between he and writer Robert Venditti.  Evil Star is a classic Silver Age villain who last appeared during the “Uprising” event where the Green Lantern Corps made an uneasy alliance with a number of former captives in order to take on the Durlans.  Evil Star has long suffered from a goofy character design and his 2014 makeover wasn’t much better.  But if we know anything about Van Sciver it’s that he’s a master of character design and it will be interesting to see what he might come up with if Venditti does bring him into the series.

Robert Venditti

One of the biggest concerns for readers is what kind of role their favorite member of the Corps is going to have in a series packed to the gills with alpha characters.  One reader asked Venditti on Twitter about the role that John Stewart might be playing and the writer replied that he will be the leader of the Corps, something he’s originally planned to do at the start of his run back in Green Lantern #21.   This will certainly be a relief to many fans as there was concern that having Hal Jordan’s name in the title of the series would mean that other Earth lanterns would be relegated to minor roles.

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