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This week’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas had Warner Brother parading the cast of the Suicide Squad movie about to promote the upcoming film’s release and it also marked the official announcement of a Ben Affleck directed Batman film, but it was also a chance for the studio to begin promoting next year’s Justice League film.  Hitfix is reporting that a lot of Justice League art featured Green Lantern, leading to the rumor that the character may show up in the first film after all.  Or maybe not.

Hitfix’s article and video features an interview with Erik Davis who is a managing editor for Fandango and and while he mentions that there was a lot of art shown that featured the character.  I reached out to Davis, asking him if he could tell which Green Lantern was shown, hoping to at least see if the art might indicated which character would take point in the Justice League prior to the 2020 Green Lantern Corps film.  Davis’ response indicated that either he doesn’t know the characters enough to discern who is who – but more importantly that the art shown may not have been as much concept art from the film as art from the comics.

While in the end this doesn’t give any indication about what’s happening with Green Lantern’s screen presence, it’s encouraging that Warner Brothers chose art which included the character at all.  I guess at this point I’ll take no real news given that’s all we still have at this point.  The mystery continues regarding what Warner Brothers has in store for the Green Lantern franchise, and continues, and continues……

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