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While we’ve been hearing that Green Lantern won’t appear in the Justice League movies, or at least not until Part 2 – today’s episode of the Heroic Insider reveals the rumor that we will indeed see a Green Lantern in Justice League Part 1.   The information came during a part of the show where co-host Umberto Gonazlez responds to Twitter questions, this one happening to come from me where I was asking about Hal Jordan casting information.

According to Umberto – while he does not have casting information yet – he is very confident that we’d be seeing Green Lantern in part 1.  He is also of the opinion it will indeed be Hal Jordan that shows up the in the Justice League.  This along with recent rumors that part 1 will be building towards a clash with Darkseid in part 2 fits earlier rumors that Green Lantern would appear towards the end of part 1 with a warning of what’s coming.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Justice League in Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

**Editor’s note – Since this article was first published Heroic Hollywood has taken down all of their older content including the video that was embedded here.

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