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The 2016 San Diego Comic Con is underway and on the first full day there is some information steaming out of the show regarding Green Lantern related merchandise.  DC Collectibles showcased several new products including a brand new Sinestro figure for their ICONS line that comes with constructs.  The already solicited John Stewart Justice League animated series vinyl bank was on display as well as a version of the Hal Jordan ICONS figure sans the construct armor.  DC Collectibles also announced a Jessica Cruz action figure but no pictures have appeared online of what it looks like and DC wasn’t allowing pictures of the figure.  That’s likely due to the figure perhaps only being in the prototype stage since it’s not scheduled for release until the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Another picture emerged of what looks to be a statue line based on the work of Alex Ross.  It appears that each character in the Justice League is a unique piece which can be arranged to look like one of Ross’ classic images of the JLA.

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ICONS Sinestro figure MSRP $23.99 Release: June 2017
John Stewart bank (photo credit: Toyark)
Alex Ross re-interpreted in three dimensions

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