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IDW Publishing released solicitation information for the fourth issue of their second Star Trek / Green Lantern crossover, “Stranger Worlds”, which is set for release in March. The Federation along with the Green Lanterns are racing to retrieve the last power battery, but will they be too late!  As usual the series releases with multiple covers.

Regular cover

Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol 2 #4 (of 6)

Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Angel Hernandez (a & c)
It’s a race between the forces of good and evil! The first to reach the only Power Battery in the universe will control the destiny of all worlds! Can Hal Jordan and the crew of the Enterprise beat Sinestro and his allies to the ultimate prize?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Variant Cover
Subscription variant by Tony Shasteen

source: CBR

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