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“Who’s the New Guy?”

I’ve really enjoyed IDW’s crossover between Star Trek and Green Lantern so the release of the last issue in their second outing one was that comes with the bittersweet acknowledgement that this is the end for now unless the series has sold well enough for a third one.  As much fun as I’ve enjoyed the first two series I do hope that we get to see more from this pairing in the future.

We spoke with writer Mike Johnson in episode 114 of The Podcast of Oa and one of the things I said to Mike was how much I appreciated how he kept Kirk and Hal Jordan unique when there is so much in common with these two characters.  In the series finale that line gets even more blurred as Kirk wields a power ring to help the Green Lanterns take on Khan and Sinestro.  It was really fun to see Hal command the Enterprise during “The Spectrum War” and it was just as fun to see Kirk all decked out in a Green Lantern uniform brandishing his universe’s first power ring.
Captain Kirk becomes his universe’s First Lantern
As you’d probably expect this issue focuses on the final battle, but Johnson does leave the door open to further adventures.  I like how Johnson has brought the origin of the Corps to the 23rd Century and the end of the series really seems more like the dawn of something new rather than the end.  Johnson also does some fun foreshadowing on the final page, providing a wink and a nod that there are other elements of the DC Universe that may have a different history than the universe the Green Lanterns left behind.

Angel Hernandez provides a stable force with the series’ visual look and for the most part everything looks fine.  Sure the character design is slightly different than in the DC Universe proper but it is consistent throughout the series.  I can live with Guy and John’s odd hair style and Kilowog’s face makeover, but I’ve always had a problem with white boots which the art team gives Guy Gardner.  At least they are consistent with it, though!
Writer Mike Johnson sets things up for a hopeful third installment
Star Trek / Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds #6 provides an exciting conclusion to the second crossover between these two venerable science fiction franchises.  Here’s hoping the wait for a third installment isn’t a five year mission.  9 out of ten lanterns.

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