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Armie Hammer has been rumored to be playing Hal Jordan for some time, having gone from being a name frequently mentioned by fans as someone who they want to see in the role to a supposed front-runner for the role since Twitter detective saw that Geoff Johns began following him.  Recently in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in Canada were Hammer was promoting his film Call Me By Your Name he was asked point-blank about the rumors, which he abruptly put to rest.

“No…no one’s called me. No one’s called me. No, nothing.” – Armie Hammer on whether he’s involved with playing Green Lantern.

It’s certainly possible that Hammer could be protecting himself from an NDA clause to preserve any surprise appearance in November’s Justice League, but it could also be that Warner Brothers really hasn’t begun the casting process for the character.  That lines up with a report that Warners and DC Entertainment supposedly have a list of actors they are considering but have not gotten to that part of the process yet.  Of course this is also reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jason Momoa denying their castings as Khan and Aquaman……

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