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There haven’t been many details released since DC Comics announced the Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel back in July other than the knowledge that the book is set to release in March of 2018 and the creative team behind the series.  Fortunately as a part of DC All Access’ coverage of the New York Comic Con we have more information about the tone and artwork thanks to an interview with Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, the husband and wife team behind the book.

The duo reveal that they initially went for an “Alien” vibe which is very apparent in the images that accompanied their interview which showed astronaut Hal Jordan and crew as they discover the alien remains of Abin Sur and a Manhunter where Hal finds the power ring which sets his life in a whole new direction.  I was very pleased with Corinna’s comment that their version of Hal shares a lot of the same DNA with the classic John Broome version.  The duo hinted that Hal may not be the only lantern and that the book will be a journey of discovery as Hal is exposed to a greater universe.

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