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The 2017 holiday season is upon us and we know that Green Lantern fans deserve the very best, so we spared no expense and risk of personal injury in sneaking into Larfleeze’s lair to see what’s on the top of his mile long gift list this year.  So whether you’re looking for something special to give to the Green Lantern fan in your life or you just want to print this out and leave it nestled between the pages of your loved ones’ most recent issue of Look magazine you’ve come to the right place.  We also promote the idea of buying from your local comic shop, but if you don’t have one nearby we’ve included links to places where you can find these items online.


There are a lot of Green Lantern comic collections out there, but here are some of the best.

Green Lantern celebrated three quarters of a century in print in 2015 and to mark the milestone DC published Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years.  This hardcover collects the first appearances of many of the characters and parts of Green Lantern lore and combines them into one great tour through history. There are over eighteen different stories in one book which Amazon sells here for just over $27 at Click here to see my video review of this great book.

DC Comics has released some great collected editions in their oversized Absolute format and there are four that any Green Lantern fan would salivate over.  These include two of major storylines from Geoff Johns and one book that collects the much revered “Hard Travelling Heroes” books by the legendary Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams from the 1960’s.  Here are links to all of them:

Green Lantern Rebirth: Absolute Edition collects the six issue miniseries from Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver that returned the Green Lantern mythos to comics in 2004 and set the stage for a new golden age for the characters. $41 from Instock Trades.

Absolute Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Wars is considered by many to be the greatest Green Lantern story ever told…and with good reason.  $55 from Instock Trades.

Absolute Green Lantern / Green Arrow collects the socially conscious books that helped launch the bronze age of comics.  A steal for $53 at


Green Lantern fans have been able to enjoy our favorite characters on screens both big and small and here are some of the adventures that can be enjoyed with a nice bowl of popcorn in the comfort of your own home.

Green Lantern starred in three cartoons as part of Filmation’s DC Comics series in the 1960’s.  This DVD set includes all of first animated adventures of Green Lantern, Flash and the Atom for only $11 at  There is a limited number of the entire Filmation animated run that also includes Superman, Hawkman, Aquaman and the entire Justice League for $28 also at Amazon that can be found here.

There are also two great Green Lantern animated films, Green Lantern: First Flight and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.  Both can be found on Amazon for under $20 on Blu-Ray.  If you’re really feeling generous there is the superb DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection that includes both of these films plus 28 other DC Comics animated films.  It’s $200 at Amazon, but that’s still less than $7 per film.

Ryan Reynolds starred in the often maligned but enjoyable Green Lantern motion picture in 2011.  The Extended Cut can be found here for $9.99 on

For my money the best media presentation of Green Lantern is from 2011’s Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  Listen, if you’re a Green Lantern fan and you haven’t seen what is one of the best superhero animated shows ever – turn your power battery in, Poozer!  The show has been collected in two different DVD releases and both are available for under fifteen dollars.  The first part, dubbed “Rise of the Red Lanterns” contains the first thirteen episodes and can be found at here for just under $9.  The second half of the season, “Manhunter Menace”, contains the final thirteen episodes on two DVD’s.  These episodes bring the saga of Hal Jordan and the crew of the Interceptor to a dramatic conclusion as they face off against the arrival of the Anti-Monitor and the dark turn of one of their own.  This set will only set you back $14 at via this link.  If you’re looking for the show in the best format possible, Amazon also sell the entire series in one blu-ray edition here for $19 and change – and this is one show that looks spectacular in all its high definition glory!

Collectibles and More

Sideshow is famous for their spectacular premium format figure and this next item is the latest version of Green Lantern they have to offer.  There are a limited number of the only 1250 copies ever made still available of this 24.5 inch tribute to the original Gil Kane character design.  This statue includes an interchangeable left hand with a light up power battery.  It carries a hefty price tag at $450 but take a look at this thing!  (note that the ring doesn’t light up!).  It can be ordered from Sideshow here.

Diamond Select Toys has released two Green Lantern figures as part of their vinyl “Vinimates” collection of four inch figures.  There is a Hal Jordan figure in his traditional Green Lantern uniform which you can find at for $11 here.   If you have a Walgreens nearby it might be worth checking out their toy section because they have the exclusive rights to the special Black Lanterns Vinimate which is becoming harder and harder to find.

Thinkgeek also is getting a line of Justice League tiki glasses that should be out just in time for this year’s holiday shopping.  The set of seven tikis costs $79.99 and includes Green Lantern in the mix.

To close out the 2017 Larfleeze Gift List let us point you to two online stores on the Internet where you can find pretty much anything Green Lantern related that any fan would certainly enjoy.  One place where you can easily find Green Lantern items that range from statues to t-shirts is the Warner Brothers online store.  They have almost 100 items that are Green Lantern related!  Not to be out done is Superhero Stuff where there are over 150 Green Lantern products for sale.  Definitely check out their store than can be found here.


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