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It’s been pretty slim pickings for Green Lantern fans when it comes to Funko’s outrageously popular Pop line of collectibles.  So far there have been a handful of offerings, ranging from Hal Jordan and Sinestro Pops from 2011’s failed motion picture to a comic book version of Hal Jordan to last year’s Walgreens exclusive John Stewart Pop.  Great news came today from Funko as they announced that the next box in their popular Legion of Collectors subscription service would feature Green Lantern as the box’s theme.  For those not familiar, the $25 (plus shipping and tax) box includes $50 worth of exclusive items geared around a specific theme.  Items always include new Pop figures and a t-shirt accompanied by other unique items.  Past boxes have included things such as a hat, coffee mug, salt and pepper shakers, additional figures or even special variant editions of comics.

The box will be released in March and the deadline to order the Green Lantern box is March 2nd, 2018.  Boxes are ordered via the Legion of Collectors website where you can create your account and set up the type of subscription you are interested in.  No matter what Funko puts in the box I’m sure any lantern fan is going to find something they are going to like.


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  1. Do they put in unreleased or new Funkos in these or are they just ones they’ve put out beforee?

    I already have the John Stewart Funko and would hate to get another one.

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