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With DC’s “No Justice” event about to start there’s been plenty of speculation about what the roster of the Justice League will look like once the dust settles.  We now know that Scott Snyder will be writing Justice League, joined by Jorge Jimenez.  DC has also swooped up former Marvel artist Jim Cheung as the series’ second artist.

New art has emerged showing what many to believe to be the roster, which includes John Stewart as the League’s Green Lantern representative.  This brings some interesting thoughts to mind – and this is all purely speculation on my part.

John is currently the leader of the Corps, but that’s not going smoothly with the recent return of the Guardians.  Could Robert Venditti be setting John up for a split from his leadership role to free up his schedule for more earthly duties?

Speaking of Venditti, he has just been announced as the writer for the Hawkman relaunch.  This would be Venditti’s third title….unless he’s leaving one.  It’s been about five years since Venditti took over the franchise from Geoff Johns and given that the sales on neither of the Green Lantern titles has been great perhaps DC is looking to shake things up.  Or perhaps both books are now on the verge of moving to a traditional monthly publishing scheduled to allow Venditti to keep pace on three titles.

And what of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz?  Despite the big push given to them from the Rebirth launch they have not gotten a great response.  While Jessica is appearing in the DC’s Super Hero Girls, in terms of comics sales the Green Lanterns book is still bleeding readers and is currently selling around the 25,000 issue mark.  That doesn’t include digital and trade sales but those tend to only account for a small percentage over the regular print editions.

All of this information has me thinking that there are some changes in the wind for the Green Lantern franchise and with Wondercon only a week away I would not be surprised to see some interesting announcements being made.


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