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The July 2018 DC Comics solicitations contained a bit of a surprise for the Green Lanterns series as Dan Jurgens is writing issues fifty and fifty-one.  At first glance it could be assumed that Jurgens is filling in for the current series writer, Tim Seeley.  However, according to Comic Book Resources Jurgens is the new ongoing writer for the series.  While neither Jurgens or Seeley have commented as of this writing to confirm, one can presume that CBR verified that information with DC before publishing the article.

It’s understandable that the title would be undergoing another change given how regular print issue sales for the series has dropped below 25,000 copies.  That, and the upcoming departure of Robert Venditti from the Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps series, seems like a good enough reason for DC Comics to want to do something to re-invigorate the franchise.  Jurgens has long been associated with the Superman books, but with the arrival of Brian Bendis at DC on Action Comics Jurgens was available.  By the solicitation for his first two issues it looks like Jurgens is going to create some tension between Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz right off the bat.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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