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Those who regularly visit this site know I’m not one to jump on the rumor bandwagon very often.  I’ll sometimes report out on what’s floating around on the Internet and add some commentary that’s for sure.  But I generally don’t subscribe to practices that could be perceived as clickbait.  That said, rumors surfaced recently about Grant Morrison writing Green Lantern…and I’ll tell you that as of today I do believe that this is the truth.

This weekend I had a great conversation with someone in the comics industry and the topic of the state of the Green Lantern books came up.  One thing led to another and I left the conversation with the confirmation that Grant is definitely going to be writing a Green Lantern book.  Furthermore it will be a monthly book rather than a twice monthly series as we’ve become accustomed to since DC’s Rebirth launch.  We both agreed that this could be a great run depending on how Morrison approaches the book.  I have high confidence in this source and believe this person to have a great deal of integrity.  Hopefully we’ll get official confirmation soon with all eyes focused on tomorrow’s August DC solicitations.

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  1. I was just thinking the other week that Grant Morrison would be AMAZING in Green Lantern. The type of space opera, high concept science fiction/fantasy that the Green Lantern mythos lends itself to is right up his ally. I just hope he doesn’t get to out there and metaphysical and weird. But his more mainstream super hero work tends to be a little more grounded and coherent, so here is hoping!!

      1. Well he nailed it during his JLA run, so I definitely think he can pull it off without getting super bizarre. He has a way of doing really optimistic high fantasy/science fiction, and that is right in the vain of Green Lantern. So i have high hopes. I would also really like to see him have an extended run on the Flash as well, as he has a very big love of that character since he was a kid.

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