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“By the power of…my power battery!” Photo credit: Funko

Funko is partnering with DC Comics and Amazon to release a line of action figures designed like they were made in the 1980’s.  DC Primal Age is a line of toys that envisioned iconic DC superheroes existing in a barbaric universe.  Think of this as the ultimate DC – Masters of the Universe crossover and you get the idea.

Primal Age was recently discussed on the DC Daily show on the online DC Universe streaming service and teased like it was something that was thought of 30 years ago but never sought the light of day.  Funko actually came up with the idea and presented it to DC Comics where it was well received.  Funko is producing the line of eight action figures which includes a Hal Jordan figure along with Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, King Shark, Mr. Freeze and the Scarecrow.  Even a beastly Ace the Bathound and Joker inspired riding mount are being produced along with the requisite Bat Cave playset.  To top it off a Marv Wolfman penned comic book series will also be published and sold exclusively by Target.

Funko has released a full set of images on their blog, which indicates that the DC Primal Age line is going to be an Amazon exclusive.  Release dates have not yet been announced, but the figures will retail for $11.99.

Source: Funko

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