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The Cosmic Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter

Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Phil Bova return for episode 134 of The Podcast of Oa.  This time around Phil and Myron talk about the just released issue 4 of The Green Lantern.  Phil and Myron also respond to the latest feedback from listeners which generates conversation about the upcoming DC Animated Film, Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.

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The Podcast of Oa is sponsored by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Green Lantern and other related characters are the copyrighted property of DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission. The Blog of Oa and The Podcast of Oa are fan productions and do not claim any ownership over the Green Lantern or any other copyrighted properties.

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Show Notes
00:00:00 Intro
00:01:18 The Green Lantern #4
00:34:53 Listener Feedback
00:46:17 Closing

One Reply to “The Podcast of Oa Episode 134”

  1. Hey guys, been meaning to write in again. Two quick points. First, thank you for producing a podcast that I feel comfortable listening to in the car when I drive my kids around- I don’t have a lot on my playlist that is safe for pre-school/elementary kids, so as a father trying to share my passions with my children, I appreciate that.

    Second, regarding the mystery of the traitor Lantern in the Grant Morrison run, I strongly suspect that it’s someone who’s already appeared in multiple issues thus far. My two theories are Vulk, who seems to be in most issues thus far in non-suspicious, unassuming roles, or Chriselon, based on his entrance to the series. I was hoping to hear your thoughts on potential candidates.

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