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  1. I don’t recall any times that Hal has used the ring to time travel. I think they might have done it back in the silver age or bronze age though. Maybe, like mind control, its one of the overlooked or dropped powers of the ring? Myron, do you know of any issues where Hal time travels with the ring? Thanks.

    1. Hey Daniel, thanks for contacting me. Hal did indeed use his power ring to time travel during the Silver Age. There was a time when Hal unknowingly lived a double life, one in the far future under the name of Pol Manning. I think it was issue 51 where Hal learned of his double life and used his ring to bypass the time machine used by the people in the future in order to help someone in distress in “our” time. It’s not an ability that he used often – mainly because of the narrative traps you can fall into with time travel stories.

      1. Thanks Myron, I appriciate the reply! Issues 41-75 of the silver age is a bit of a blind spot for me, hard to track down those issues. Do you know of any good trades that collect them? But I do remember now that Salaak went to that future for a time in the late 80s. Personally I’m glad the time travel stuff isn’t really used. It causes a lot of narrative problems. The Flash continuity has gotten pretty convoluted because of it, especially with Reverse Flash. Thanks again, and thanks for doing this site! You are definitely a great Ambassador for the Green Lantern fanbase.

        1. The haven’t really been collected in a number of years, at least affordably. There are the GL Silver Age paperbacks, but they haven’t gotten that high in the issue numbers yet. Volume 4 comes out in October and will cover Green Lantern #36-48.

          1. Thanks again Myron! I will probably pick up that trade when it comes out and start tracking down the individual issues from 49-74. It might take a bit because the silver age books can be a bit pricey, but that is the fun of collecting. It would be cool if they did more extensive or omnibus style trades for GL though.

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