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Spinning out of the highly successful Metal event, DC Comics is launching a new series of prestige format books showing how popular DC stories play out in the Dark Multiverse.  Each of these prestige format one-shots will be 48 pages long with a price of $5.99.  2009’s Green Lantern centric event, “Blackest Night”, has been announced as one story that will be given the “Tales of the Dark Multiverse” treatment.

For those who didn’t follow the Metal event, the Dark Multiverse is a twisted version of the Multiverse.  The Dark Multiverse was uncovered during Metal and led to the establishment of characters like the Dawnbreaker, a version of Green Lantern created when the power ring chose a young Bruce Wayne in the moments that followed the death of his parents.

No release date or creative team has been announced yet for the “Blackest Night” book.



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