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Ho Ho Ho, Golden Giant

In episode 169 of The Podcast of Oa Myron Rumsey and Phil Bova are joined by Mitch Laing of The Mitch Laing Band for this week’s “YOU are the Corps!” segment.  Mitch talks about his love of Swamp Thing and DC Comics, including how his fandom intersects with his music career.  Phil and Myron also note the passing of Denny O’Neil and Warner Brothers new deal with Spotify for new scripted podcasts.  Myron and Phil also share their thoughts about this week’s comic review, the just-released The Green Lantern: Season Two #4.

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“In Brightest Day (In Darkest Night)” by The Mitch Laing Band is used with the permission of the artist.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro / GL news
00:19:36 YOU are the Corps! – Mitch Laing
00:46:36 The Green Lantern: Season Two #4
01:03:36 Green Lantern Fun Fact
01:05:02 Closing



One Reply to “The Podcast of Oa Episode 169”

  1. The scripted podcasts sound really cool. Do you have to pay for a subscription to listen to spotify podcasts? That augmented reality that tied into The GL movie sounded really cool as well. I’m sorry I missed it. I’m not sure how much interest they would have in it, but it would be awesome if they did more of that connected to the comics. Even allowing the readers to solve mysteries along with the comic characters. I recently discovered serialbox which has a lot of professionally done audio books with added music and sound effects. There are several original marvel books on the site, as well as a Flash one. I wonder if they will continue to add DC content there as well. As far as the comic chat. We recently discussed the Green Lantern season 2 number 4 in the Green Lantern book club. I definitely had a hard time with this issue. The alien dialogue was unnecessarily difficult, and this was coming after issue 2 where we had a similar problem. Even Hal and Barry’s dialogue was off and unnatural in places. And the last couple issues have been disjointed with Hal just having a spew of dialouge to explain everything, because it was not laid out in the rest of the issue. Also, why were the aliens taking the shape of toys to invade Earth, other than the fact it had to connect to Olivia Reynolds in some way? The poem left me with questions as well. I have not been a huge fan of the last few issues, and I find myself looking forward to getting back into space and on with the main plot again. But I think like most of Morrison’s stuff it will read better all together. As always, thanks for the fun content!

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