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Back in June, we published a story on the ill-fated 1990’s Green Lantern videogame from Ocean Software. The never-released game was included in “The Games That Weren’t”, a  644-page hardcover book is available from the Bitmap Books in the UK. Since then, author Frank Gasking has added the game to his comprehensive website of the same name, which has a page dedicated to the game and includes a number of assets that were not included in the book.

During the seven-year development and research for his book, Frank recovered a prototype cartridge of the game from one of the developers. This cartridge shows us the first moving images of the game, which have been included in a newly released YouTube video that encapsulates Frank’s research into the game’s history. While the author of the video has a bit of the Green Lantern history wrong (Hal did not kill the Guardians during “Emerald Twilight”), the video gives us fans a chance to really see the game for the first time.

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