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The new Infinite Frontier series debut in June of 2021, but today on Twitter both writer Josh Williamson and artist Mitch Gerads shared out the cover to issue three with a great big tease. While we know that Green Lantern Alan Scott features in the series, the fantastic new cover art reveals a brand new Black Lantern is on the way.  But who could it be?  The white glove seems to imply it’s a Green Lantern, but there are some other options as well.

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  1. well we know it probably wont be Kyle Rayner because he is still in the running to win that DC poll to get a series with Kilowag written by Sina grace.
    Id probably say its probably Hal since he has nothing to do, Geoffery Thorne hates him, he isnt in any other events.
    a wildcard guess would be Jade, since she is in the series itself.

    eiterh way im not excited about any of this lol
    im still waiting to see if this current green lantern series will eb worth stickign around after issue 3.

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