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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Guy Gardner gets the spotlight in episode 192 of The Podcast of Oa. Co-hosts Phil Bova and Myron Rumsey talk about the four-issue “Yesterday’s Sins” story from Guy Gardner’s solo series in 1993.  Guy also features in this episode’s “Know Your Corps!” segment. Myron and Phil also respond to listener feedback that ranges from DC’s “Round Robin” promotion to the first issue of Geoffrey Thorne’s run to Infinite Frontier‘s tease about a new Black Lantern.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro / GL news
00:04:38 Know Your Corps – Guy Gardner
00:06:57 Guy Gardner #11-14 Review
00:31:55 Listener Feedback
01:04:05 Closing



One Reply to “The Podcast of Oa Episode 192”

  1. Liked the episode, although I do disagree with the criticism of Geoff Thorne. He pitched a John Stewart story and it got greenlit, so I do not think it is his obligation to include Hal Jordan as well. Hal has gotten a lot of spotlight and I think it’s okay that he is in the supporting cast for a while. That being said, I do hope the supporting cast get’s more attention going forward, which brings me to my main comment.

    My apologies if you have discussed this already, but I heard you discussing how you wanted a corps comic with Hal. But I think one is already coming: in Infinite Frontier #0, there is a part where Wonder Woman walks across a page with a series of frames that depict different groups & characters. Almost all of these have been announced as ongoings or minis since that issue was released: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Deathstroke Inc, Shazam, Crush and Lobo, et cetera. On that page, there is an image that shows Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, and Kyle Rayner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those 4 in a Corps comic, preferably in an ongoing but maybe in a mini or a back-up story for the main Green Lantern comic. It would make sense, because that leaves Jo, Keli, Simon and John, who are the four lanterns that have played a large role in the main comic. I really hope to see all the human lanterns given some page space one way or another. I also really want more emotional spectrum story, I miss the blue lanterns so much.

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