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Co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Phil Bova cover two new comics in episode 193 of The Podcast of Oa. First up, Phil and Myron talk about Green Lantern #2, the latest entry in Geoffrey Thorne’s run. Our two hosts agree to disagree on their opinions about the issue, but both team up to provide their perspectives and talk about how the changes that are made to the Corps in this explosive issue. Myron and Phil then turn their attention to the first issue of Chip Zdarsky’s new series, Justice League: Last Ride, which has several Green Lantern appearances. Iolande gets the spotlight in Phil’s “Know Your Corps Segment” and there’s plenty of your feedback to round out the episode.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro / GL news
00:09:00 Know Your Corps – Iolande
00:10:56 Green Lantern #2 Review
00:47:17 Justice League: Last Ride #1 Review
01:08:24 Listener Feedback
01:27:03 Closing



One Reply to “The Podcast of Oa Episode 193”

  1. Great episode! After issue #2 I am still enjoying Thorne’s run so far, although I do agree with the sentiment you gave that “DC has given the keys to the kingdom to a guy who doesn’t love the king”. I don’t think Hal always needs to be the star, but if he is going to be sidelined the whole time then it would be disappointing. I feel like DC could use the lanterns so much better if they gave them all a home, kind of like they did with the New 52 when each human lantern had a comic where they played a big role. I hope they are headed this direction, with Jo Mullein being in the Future State Justice League and Alan Scott being in Infinite Frontier. But with only one comic for the lanterns it seems unlikely. Maybe we should move one to Gotham and then they’ll get a lot of love!

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